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European frogbit is water plant of the year 2019

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water plant 2016

Flutender Wasserhahnenfuß

water plant of the year

Water plants shape underwater landscapes, they provide food and protection for juvenile fish, amphibians, and water fowl. They produce oxygen. They are often indicators for changes within aquatic habitats.

In the past the Förderkreis Sporttauchen e.V. selected the water plant of the year. Since 2011 the national divers' associations of Germany, Austria and Switzerland resume this task .

Thereby the three associations want to provide the opportunity for divers but also for all other aquatic sportsmen and sportswomen to take a closer look at the "green stuff" in the water and at the water's surface. It is of utmost concern to the three divers' associations to raise awareness about the threat a lot of aquatic plants are facing. Whose quiet disappearance can only observed by divers in time.


water plant of the year 2018

starry stonewort (Nitellopsis obtusa)